Normalize Address


The default address section returns a wide range of elements - from common ones such as road and country to obscure ones such as hamlet, cycleway, park. This was done to maintain backward compatibility with OpenStreetMap's Nominatim. To make parsing easier for developers, the normalizeaddress parameter rolls up elements in the address section of the response to the list of elements defined below.


Only elements that are available for a given location will be returned in a response. This list may expand in the future.

Element NameDescription
nameHouse name or Point of Interest (POI) such as a Cafe or School
house_numberHouse or Building number
roadRoads, Highways, Freeways, Motorways
neighbourhoodNeighbourhoods, Allotments, Quarters, Communities
suburbSuburbs, Subdivisions
islandIslands, Islets
cityCities, Towns, Villages, Municipalities, Districts, Boroughs, Hamlets
stateStates, Provinces, Regions, State Districts
state_codeState or Province Code
postcodePostal Codes, Zipcodes
countryCountries, Nation-states
country_codeCountry Code - 2 letter (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)