Examples - Leaflet

Basic Map

Create a foundational map with LocationIQ, effortlessly displaying geographical information.

Markers, circles and polygons

Enhance your maps with markers, circles, and polygons, providing visual context to location-based data.


Engage users with interactive popups, delivering additional information when interacting with map elements.

Dealing with Events

Efficiently handle events on your LocationIQ maps, ensuring seamless interaction and responsiveness.

Multiple Styles

Customize the visual appeal of your maps by choosing from multiple styles provided by LocationIQ.

Draggable Marker

Enable user interaction by incorporating draggable markers, enhancing the flexibility of your maps.

Accessing LocationIQ Map Tiles directly

Enable direct access to LocationIQ map tiles for your applications.

Leaflet with Autocomplete API

Integrate LocationIQ's Autocomplete API for a streamlined location search experience.