Examples - Openlayer

Basic Usage

Quickly integrate LocationIQ maps with OpenLayers for seamless and intuitive geospatial visualization.

Add Controls

Enhance map functionality with user-friendly controls for navigation and interaction.

Add Lines

Effortlessly draw and showcase lines on your LocationIQ map using OpenLayers.

Add a Marker

Drop a pinpoint marker on your map to highlight a specific location with ease.

Add Multiple Markers

Populate your map with multiple markers to represent severals points of Interest

Add Popup to a Marker

Provide informative popups on markers for a more engaging user experience.

Draggable Marker

Enable marker dragging for dynamic and interactive map customization.

Map Click Listener

Implement a listener for map clicks, allowing for responsive actions based on user interaction.

Show Polygons

Display polygons on your LocationIQ map, offering a clear and visual representation of geographic areas.

Draw Polygons

Create and draw custom polygons on the map to highlight specific regions or boundaries.

Draw Polygons - Custom Style

Customize the style of drawn polygons for a personalized and visually appealing map representation.

Raster Tiles

Utilize raster tiles to enhance the visual quality and performance of your LocationIQ map with OpenLayers.