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Your Primary Use-CaseSuggested API
Geocoding APIs
- Convert customer addresses to coordinates for a delivery service.
- Pinpoint property locations for a real estate agency.
Search / Forward Geocoding
- Convert fleet vehicle GPS coordinates to addresses for reporting.
- Translate app user locations into city or neighbourhood names.
- Provide the address of a clicked point on a travel map.
Reverse Geocoding
- Auto-suggest addresses in e-commerce forms as users type.
- Enhance CRM with real-time partial address completion.
- Show travelers nearby attractions or ATMs around their hotel.
- Suggest nearby dining options for a food app.
- Inform travel app users of a destination's local time zone.Timezone
- Show retail branch locations on a store locator.
- Display interactive maps of tourist attractions for a travel app.
Dynamic Maps
- Embed a map of an event venue in email invites.Static Maps
Routing APIs
- Calculate optimal routes for ride-sharing drivers.
- Determine the best delivery route for a logistics company.
- Correct jumpy GPS data to map fitness app users' running routes accurately on roads.
- Align erratic delivery app GPS breadcrumbs to actual roads for precision.
- Optimize delivery routes for a courier service with multiple destinations.Optimize
- Calculate fastest travel times between multiple office locations for scheduling.Distance Matrix
- Identify the closest street to a user's destination for parking apps.Nearest

Overview of API Endpoints

Search/ Forward GeocodingConverts a structured or free-form address to coordinates/v1/search?
Reverse GeocodingConverts coordinates to human-readable street addresses/v1/reverse?
AutocompleteOffers type-ahead suggestions for incomplete addresses/v1/autocomplete?
Nearby POIReturns Points of Interest near a specified location./v1/nearby?
TimezoneProvides time offset data for locations on the surface of the earth./v1/timezone?
Directions APICalculate the fastest or most-efficient route between coordinates/v1/directions
Route Optimize APIFinds the most optimum route given a set of destinations/v1/optimize
Map Matching APINormalize GPS points by snapping them to roads/v1/matching
Distance Matrix APIComputes duration of the fastest route between all pairs of supplied coordinates/v1/matrix
Nearest APISnaps a coordinate to the street network and returns the nearest n matches./v1/nearest
Dynamic MapsAdd beautiful, customizable maps to your websites or
Static MapsStandalone images (JPG / PNG) that can be displayed on web and
Balance APIProvides a count of request credits left in the user's account for the day/v1/balance?