Examples - Maplibre

Change Language

Quickly switch to your preferred language, making maps easier to understand and use.

Add a Marker

Enhance your maps with markers! This quick demo will show you how to effortlessly add markers to your interactive maps, making it easy to pinpoint locations and add valuable context to your visuals.

Add Multiple Markers from GeoJSON

Quickly add multiple markers to your map using GeoJSON data. Create interactive and informative maps by importing location data seamlessly.

Add Style Control

Choose your preferred theme and seamlessly toggle between Light, Dark, and Street styles to match your app.

Add Controls

Easily zoom in and out, reset your view, and even go full screen for a more immersive experience.

Map Click Listener

Add click listeners

Draggable Marker

Add Lines

Add Popup to a marker

Show Polygons

Draw Polygons

Draw Polygons - custom style

Raster Tiles

With Autocomplete API