When the API encounters any errors it responds the following error messages in the body and corresponding HTTP codes in the header:

Error messageHTTP Response codeDescription
Invalid Request400Required parameters are missing, or invalid
Invalid key401An invalid Access Token was provided
Key not active - Please write to [email protected]401The Access Token provided is invalid or inactive
Service not enabled403The specific service is not enabled on your token. Write to [email protected] to enable this.
Access restricted403The request has been made from an unauthorized domain or IP address.
Unable to geocode404No location or places were found for the given input
Imagery not found404No style or tile available for the specified url
Rate Limited Second429Request exceeded the per-second rate-limits set on your account
Rate Limited Minute429Request exceeded the per-minute rate-limits set on your account
Rate Limited Day429Request exceeded the per-day rate-limits set on your account
Unknown error - Please try again after some time500This is an error on the server's side, we monitor this 24x7 and you should try again.